One thought on “Let’s Talk!

  1. Hi. I just finished reading your entire essay. Thanks for writing this. I find a lot of the ideas useful and have copied/pasted various paragraphs from it into a Word document to refer back to and use later.

    I’m wondering, have you tried sharing this essay on the anarchism forum of Reddit? Generally, the anarchists on Reddit have a diverse range of perspectives and many would likely be open to an essay like this. Actually, Reddit has several forums (actually called “sub-Reddits”) that you could share this on. (There are sub-Reddits devoted to a wide range of social justice issues and radical political ideologies.)

    One thing though is Reddit does not like spammers. It’s ok to promote something, but the “Rediquette” guidelines state that you should have only 1 promotional post for every 10 posts. (So if you were going to share this on 10 forums, you would need to make 90 posts linking to other websites.)

    How is it going with your efforts to get a revolutionary congregation off the ground? Will you be posting updates about that project on this website?

    Best of luck!

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